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Time and Two Seats - Five Decades of Long Distance Racing

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Offering Time and Two Seats - Five Decades of Long Distance Racing, the award-winning book by János Wimpffen covering over 50 years worth of long distance racing. Organized into two volumes, there are 2,300 pages devoted to world sports car, grand touring and manufacturers championships from 1953 to 1998.  

Unlike many books, Wimpffen’s work doesn’t only cover the major events like Le Mans, Daytona and Sebring, but also includes results and photography from hundreds of obscure races and rallies around the globe.  Through decades of gathering data and painstaking research, the Austrian-born Wimpffen’s work has become one of the single most comprehensive and detailed references publications on the subject.

Originally published in 1999, our first-edition copy shows in good condition. As shown in the images, both books and the case are in solid shape, only exhibiting signs of wear at the edges. It's an absolute must-own for sports car racing enthusiasts. We are only selling it because we have another copy.

Note: an online search found similar copies sold/available from $850 to $2,300 USD.

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